Good and Evil

Remember when you were young and your parents would tell you not to do something? You would do it anyways thinking that they were trying to control you or that they didn't know what they were talking about. At the very best you were smart enough to believe or trust your parents but you did it anyways because you wanted to try it for some reason. I'm talking about experience. We as humans seem to learn best from experience. It is my firm belief that the true worth of righteousness and purity is never fully realized until we know we have sinned and fallen short of Gods glory or when we repent and break free of sins grasp and we only truly know if we have tried it done it ourselves. You see, I think that without evil there can not be good and to know good we must be able to recognize evil. Can one fully experience joy before having known true sorrow? I'd say the answer is no. The reason being is because good news is made ever better if there is a worse alternative. When I say this I am, in no way, supporting sin at all. I am not saying, "Do something bad to know what is good. Experience the worldly things, dabble in illicit behavior and then come back to God to realize His goodness." Sin is not something to be messed with. You can't have a "detox" from the good life or more specifically put, you can't stop living for God. If you stop living for Him then you automatically start living for Satan. Rather I am saying, "Recognize the fact that we are all sinners and then come to Him for forgiveness and fulfillment." A bible story that supports my belief is Luke 7:41-47. Specifically verse 47 where is says, "...the one who is forgiven little, loves little." All this to say, be extravagant. Don't be lukewarm. Be passionate. Love much. Understand the depth of your forgiveness and salvation. Peace yo