What is it that makes one a musician? Is it a professional photo shoot? Is it a hit single? Is it the size of stage you play on? Is it a world tour? Is it the ability to play your given instrument faster or more accurately than the next person? Is it the number of fans you have? Is it the amount of followers you have on your social media pages? No, you say. Then what is it? Could it be the gift, dare I say, the blessing of being able to communicate directly to the heart via sounds more intricate than a stern reprimand or a threatening command? Would it be a person who strives to use said talent to evoke emotions such as joy and dancing or peaceful thoughts? In my opinion, yes, that is exactly who a musician is and what they do. I hope the music I make speaks peace to you, gives you joy and points you towards our Father in heaven. Great-is-the-Lord Price