Who We Are.

The music we make, is more than the awesome stages, fun places, hotel rooms, and photo shoots.  It is more than the flashy instruments, expensive guitars, and cool gear. Even though it is photos of exactly these things that fill up our Instagram and Facebook pages, the reason for that is because these are the easiest things to capture and communicate, but if we sit down and take a minute to speak from our heart, we would tell you that the music we make comes from the people we surround ourselves with, the literature we indulge in and most importantly to us, the God we worship. Some of our songs we sing directly to God as worship, some are meant to be a guiding light so others can encounter our all powerful Creator and still others are solely meant for our own enjoyment in Jesus name. With that being said, I hope you take a minute to check out the music we create. 

Yours truly - Great Is The Lord.